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Space for your dreams!

So many flowers bloom, yet most wither away unseen.

So do ideas. They blossom, yet most die unheard.

This is true in my case. I cannot switch off my mind. Ideas always pop up from nowhere. Some, in my opinion, are gems!

Share them, I thought. Shout out to the world. But, my shouts carry no further than the living room. I make it sure they do not disturb the neighbours. Now we have this wonderful tool for communication, called the Internet, my chance to shout to the world without audibly disturbing anyone, has arrived.

Hopefully, some of my "other views" could trigger, in somebody cleverer, something better, which might help transform something, somewhere, in someone's life.

So, I decided to apply my energies and time, now that I am retired, to offer a forum for publishing and exchanging ideas on whatever topic one may wish to discuss.

I have presented a skeleton of topics. That can, of course, grow - with your help.

Feel free to express and comment and criticise.

Your ideas, comments, criticisms can be published here. You may stay anonymous, if you wish.


Think !

Comment, Analyse, Challenge, Criticise, Question and Write!!

The other view can be a controversial view. No one is expected to agree with the views of others. It is a bonus if we can.

Release them to the world, rather than keep them bottled up.

Humans have risen from the animal world. Growls and fights are the only vehicles for exchanging views in that world.

Let us cherish and put to use this unique ability of ours.

Conformity is in the domain of sheep!

This is freedom of speech!

I am also going to present a few pages of what else I do, other than daydreaming.

Feel free to browse. Hope you will enjoy!

F.J. Silva